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Well Organized Closet

Home Organizing

Kitchen, Garage, Closets, Paper, and More

Get your space under control through decluttering, categorizing, and containing. You will receive a long-term plan to keep up the space.

3 hours $225

4 hours $300

Organized Kitchen Cabinet

Maintenance Session

Updating and Upkeeping

Changes happen! Need to update your current system? Would love for a refresh on the system you already have?

Note: For existing clients.

2 hour $150


Bathroom Shelves

Home Organizing Expedited 

Save Time and Money

Get 6 hours done in 3 hours when I bring along a team member!

6 hours is $450, but when bringing a team member along it's $360 and only 3 hours!

3 hours $360

Neatly Folded Linen

Additional Services:

Making Your Life Easier

Shopping - $25 per hour + 5% upcharge

Donation/ Garbage - prices vary on quantity and needs

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